How to build for iOS without breaking anything post-Apple authentication change

Hi, this is my first time trying to build an iOS IPA since the big authentication change in exp. I want everything (certs, all that) to stay the same.

It sounds like from this: Build:ios: previous project credentials lost? that the migration over to this new world isn’t automatic. I just wanted to clarify that the only way to keep my certs from changing around is to download them, clear them out, and upload them. I’m so used to choosing to let Expo handle the process that I’m paranoid about choosing explicitly to not have Expo handle the process just to keep doing what I was always doing before the change.



So here’s a plan of attack (on latest exp which now is: 49.2.2)

you do:
(no space between fetch: and ios, just how markdown showing)

exp fetch: ios:certs

Which should give you provisioning profile, dist, push certs and their passwords.

Then you do:

exp build:ios -c

Which will flush our system of your credential files and do the credential process from beginning, and during that you will have a chance to upload your own files and you provide the files that you got with fetch:ios:certs.

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In my haste I forgot to note that this worked perfectly. Thank you!

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