How to build expo project for IOS app dependent on Firebase Cloud Messaging for push notifications

I am trying to build my expo project for IOS using EAS build and constantly run into an issue. The project implements:

  • “expo”: “~48.0.18”
  • “react-native”: “0.71.8”
    and these firebase modules,
  • @react-native-firebase/app": "^18.3.0
  • @react-native-firebase/messaging": "^18.3.0,
    which are needed for push notifications, and the required native linking via plugins are properly in place. This works perfectly fine for Android builds.

This is the error message I got

I came across an article stating it has something to do with adding some lines to the podfile and I really don’t know how to go about this using expo, neither am I sure that it would help fix the issue for good. I’d really appreciate ideas on how to resolve this.

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