How to add a splash page

Hi everyone, I am very new to ReactNative and Expo. My question might be embarrassing but I really don’t know how to make a splash screen for my app which appears before the loading page.

Here is the effect I want:

I tried to edit ‘loading’ in ‘exp.json’, but there is still a white screen right after I clicked the app icon.

I googled it and everyone asked me to open my project in Xcode to add a splash image, but I don’t know how to open my Expo project in Xcode.

Any help is highly appreciated. Thank you.

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Hey Qqqlllyyyy, welcome to Expo!

You shouldn’t have to use Xcode to add a splash image, what are you using to develop your Expo app? This will give me a better understanding of how to help you.

Hi new to RN & Expo. How to create splash-screen in expo? should I load images at my root-level component and consider it as a splash-screen???

Hi @kantharia!

I’ve found you this GitHub issue, where another developer prescribes a method he has used in his apps to implement a splash screen, check it out here:

Also, you can take a look here: for more examples :slight_smile:

I hope this helps!