How can I resolve this error?

Unable to resolve ./components/facebookButton" from “.//app/screens/login.js: could not resolve/Users/justinj/Desktop/newFOLDER/appnow/app/screens/components/facebookButton’ as a file nor as a folder”,“name”:“UnableToResolveError”,“type”:“UnableToResolveError”,“errors”:[{}]},“type”:“bundling_error”}"

With the error alone, people will not be able to find out what the problem is. Please provide the login.js code.

import React, {Component} from 'react’
import {View, StyleSheet} from 'react-native’
import FacebookButton from ‘./components/facebookButton’

export default class Login extends Component {
render() {
return (

onPress={() => console.log(‘facebook button’)}


const styles = StyleSheet.create({
container: {
alignItems: ‘center’,
justifyContent: ‘center’,

@newventurez really hard to tell what’s going on without the full code. If you put the whole project on or github maybe someone can help you out.

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Hello @newventurez, i run your application in my phone and there is no any bug it shows me. can you please tell me what actually happen in your output? thank you