Handling notifications badge number on IOS

I want to ask How to handle notifications badge number on IOS
I just only see the doc Notifications - Expo Documentation

Add badge number to your push notificaiton object. This will automatically update your badge.
You can also set badge number in your app.

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Hey @tungntq,

As @fatihcelik has graciously answered your question and provided you with the necessary links, Iā€™m going to mark this as solved.

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thank you so much

I have a question for you.
How can I control number badge when I Add badge number to your push notification object.
When I read notification in-app or I clear a notification badge number will change

You have to keep track of it on your server. For example, if the badge number changes on your device, you will need to notify your server so it can keep an accurate count of the current badge count.


Appreciate you helping out here, @moodyd. Thanks for taking the time to share an answer with the community.

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