Guidance on Creating New, Expo Friendly, Custom Components

Is there a tutorial, post, guidance, etc. on how to create a component from scratch that is compatible with Expo? For example, how a person would make a Twitter login button component that would be suitable for inclusion in Expo.

You can build components just like you would a React Native component. The Expo docs have documentation on components that are specific to Expo.

@reggie3 any component that doesn’t have iOS or Android code will work with Expo. So if you created a Twitter login component in just JS that uses for OAuth it would work with Expo.

Thank you. Not only did you answer my question, but the webbrowser component includes auth-0 and twitter examples that will let me do exactly what I need.

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@reggie3 Hi!

I made a Twitter API Client, it have a twitter login button Component, and don’t detach and don’t need auth0.
Please use and feedback.



Sounds great! I’ll have to give it a try once I finish with my current project.