Group Notifications with Expo Notifications

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  1. SDK Version: 39
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): android, ios

Hi, I’ve been getting a lot of feedback from my app users about how notifications don’t stack in ios so it takes up their entire notification center. Is there a way to do this now or any plans on adding this soon? I couldn’t really find anything in the docs other than stacking notifications in android which I’m already doing.

@terryr518 Did you succeed with this? I’m having the same predicament

Not yet, I’m pretty sure it’s not supported by expo yet but I just wanted to confirm that. Also wanted to know if there are any plans on supporting it soon because I think its definitely something almost everyone can/will use even if it’s not a necessity.

Yes, you’re right. Expo does not support it yet. You could open a feature request on Feature Requests | Expo
I think you will better explain it than me. Kindly notify me when and if you do open the requests let me vote on it. I’m very certain it will garner tons of votes as it is a required necessity. Thanks

Hey, looks like there’s already a request made by someone else. expo-notification collapse feature | Voters | Expo. I also added a comment there.

Ok great. I’ll check it out

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