Google login on standalone app not working

hey , my google login on standalone android app is not working , i m getting access token undefined , plz help asap


Hey - sorry this is causing trouble for you. Could you post some sample code that reproduces this issue so we can try to identify it?

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07 AM

i m not getting accessToken when using behavior as web

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What does the result network response say in this case?

result network ,sorry not able to get what u r trying to say ?

You previously said that you weren’t getting the accessToken with your implementation. I am (1) acknowledging that, but (2) would like to know more details around the network response. How did it fail? What was the status code?

Ideally, it would be really helpful if you could paste the entire network response to me (without sensitive details) so I could understand the problem better.

Let me know if I can be more clear.

the default behavior as u specified in response is system , so in that case i am receiving idtoken and all the other details like my profile info n all . But when i switch to behavior web , it redirects me to the google page , and when i select my account to login it just redirect me back to my login page and i dont receive any error or response in that case

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