Google Admob Interstitial & Rewarded Video makes App Crash

The react-native-admob package for Google Admobs is poorly maintained & looks like the developer who originally made it has abandoned it.

There are many issues & PRs are not merged even though there are a lot of fixes.

This resulted in making Interstitial Ads & Rewarded Videos to make app crash after closing the ad or video respectively.

How can I use Interstitial Ad & Rewarded Video if they make app crash as they are the ones that bring more CPM ?

Steps to repro - Just create new project & try Interstitial Ad & Rewarded Video & it crashes the app.

I have a doubt that it is the issue of react-native-admob itself but can Expo team make a fork of it & maybe merge the existing PRs which solve most of the common use-cases ?

Sorry if it sounds like a 1 person request but Google Admob are IMHO most preferred than FB ads & I have little to no knowledge about Android/iOS development to maintain the admob package.

@deadcoder0904 in Expo SDK 21 (which was just released) we included support for AdMob:

Take a look at that and let me know if that suits your needs.

I’ve used Expo Admob right now. That uses react-native-admob as the docs say which itself isn’t maintained anymore.

Right now I am using Expo SDK with Google Admob & everytime Interstitial & Rewarded Video pops up it crashes the app.

Without Interstitial & Rewarded Video, the app works smooth.

Banner Ad works !!

Could you file an issue on with a repro case? Thanks!

The issue is not with react-native-admob. It was in the docs of react-native-admob.

The Interstitial & Rewarded IDs must be initialized only once.

It is not said so in the docs so I had to search the issues of react-native-admob where I resolved it.

I’ve put up a simple example for Beginners wanting to add Admob SDK from Expo or react-native-admob to set up Google Ads.

The example can be found here.

It was my mistake :joy:

Thanks :smiley: