"Go" is added to the end of the application name

Hi everyone.

I’ve noticed a very strange behavior with expo build:android command today. I am using sdk 40, managed workflow, I’ve built the new API and I got the word “Go” added towards the end of my app name after the installation. I know how it sounds, but I’ve checked the app.json a few times and there is no “Go” word in the expo.name field. To ensure, I’ve submitted the build using the commit for the previous version and I’ve also got this word “Go” attached.

I wonder if anyone else if facing the same issue? Is it related to the recent rename of expo to Expo Go?


I experienced the same issue with my recent builds using build:android today. I also double checked all configuration files (the word ‘Go’ does not appear anywhere in my repo). I performed the build using a new project and with an updated package name and version, still the word Go is appended to the Android app name.


I have same issue too. How to solve it?


Same issue

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Hey everyone, you can rebuild now (no need to upgrade or install anything) and this should be fixed. Let me know if you run into the same problem though

We are very sorry about this bug, and really really appreciate you surfacing it here so quickly


this was entirely my fault, sorry for not catching this in staging

i’m going to lock this thread now that it’s resolved, thanks for the report and sorry again for my mistake!

what happened was our smoke testing app had a long name that was truncated by the Android OS, and so we didn’t notice the “Go” suffix. here’s the commit that resolved the issue: Support Expo Go name in shellapp template (#3125) · expo/expo-cli@24a709a · GitHub