getExpoPushTokenAsync error

Please provide the following:

  1. SDK Version: 37.0.0.
  2. Platforms: Android

Hey. I apologize immediately for non-academic English :slight_smile: I am a developer from Ukraine, Smart Svit company. I have a problem with getting getExpoPushTokenAsync method. After calling this method, I get the error “could not get the GCM token for the device.” (on iOS it works correct). I read all the forums, articles, questions on the github, and nothing helped me. I will say right away what I did:

-starts the application in different ways - npm start, expo start, expo start --localhost --android, expo start --android, expo start --offline, expo start --clean…)

-installed the previous version of expo sdk (36.0.0.)

-cleaned the cache

-authorized in the expo-cli under different accounts

-authorized in the expo app on my phone

none of this helped me. In addition, I followed all the steps from your documentation “Using FCM for Push Notifications”. There is no result.

Please help me solve this problem, because for three days of trying I lost hope)) thanks)) if you need more info - i give as fast as possible)

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