Genymotion: suddenly constantly crashing

Starting yesterday, testing my expo app in genymotion suddenly constantly crashes the expo player.

  1. open xde
  2. start genymotion and start emulated device.
  3. when xde and genymotion ready, i open on android
  4. app launches successfully.
  5. after about 30 secs expo crashes with message “Unfortunately, Expo has stopped”

What might be the issue here? This was working ok prior to yesterday.

latest expo and xde
genymotion: Google nexus 5 - 6.0.0 - API23

Unbelievable. I spent 12 hrs basically debugging this issue.
maybe it will be of benefit to someone as dumb as I am.

Somewhere in my code I was trying to debug fix the layout of an image in flex boxes. reading around some blog/article/SO answer said to pay attention to the onLayout event

so i created an event handler like

	function layoutUpdate(evt){
		console.log('layout updated', evt);

and in my code the image was declared like

<Image source={logoImg} onLayout={layoutUpdate}/>

Paying attention to the XDE console, i never saw the output for layout updated.

I changed the function to

	function layoutUpdate(evt){
		console.log('layout updated', evt.nativeEvent);

And all of a sudden no more crashing.

Any idea why console.log/Genymotion didn’t like the SyntheticEvent as a parameter?

Sure enough someone else ran into the same thing.

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Glad you were able to find a resolution! I suspect there was some issue serializing evt which we didn’t recover from.