FlatList onEndReached method is getting triggered multiple times

The onEndReached function gets triggered multiple times when using a higher onEndReachedThreshold Values.

Hey @ajmeraaxesh,

FlatList is a React Native API. Can you try re-creating the issue with a vanilla RN project (one that’s been created via react-native init and see if the problem occurs there too? If it does, I would search for an issue in the RN issues and if one does not exist, create a new issue.

If the issue only occurs in an Expo project, we’ll investigate further.


Hey Adam,

Its definitely a react specific issue l, As i am mot using any expo API’s and I have seen a similar issue being posted in React Native forums.

Finally I found a solution, which is to use the “onMomentumScrollBegin”

I will post the gist soon. Hopefully if someone else faces a similar issue in future. They know the fix

Nice! Glad to hear you got things sorted out. Appreciate you following up and sharing with the community.

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