Firebase: storing images in bulk

I’m in an infinite loop here trying to figure out a very simple procedure.

I have 1000 images in a folder on my desktop.

I want to use a cloud storage/database (Firebase/Firestore) to hold just the images. I don’t want to have the user add images, or delete images or react with the images in any way. No text. No data. No login. No user verification. Just images. When a user starts the app and they go to a screen there is an image on the screen that comes from a server, not from “inside” the app.

Then, when I run my app, I can have my images uri/url pointing to the images on the sever.

So, currently I have a .js component that has an object:

 const Images = {
   Inset5_1: require("./img/Inset5_1.jpg"),
   Main5_1: require("./img/Main5_1.jpg"),
   Inset6_1: require("./img/Inset6_1.jpg"),
   Main6_1: require("./img/Main6_1.jpg"),
   Inset6_2: require("./img/Inset6_2.jpg"),
   Main6_2: require("./img/Main6_2.jpg"),
export default Images;

which I want to change to:

  const Images = {
   Inset5_1: require("./firebaseUrl/Inset5_1.jpg"),
   Main5_1: require("./firebaseUrl/Main5_1.jpg"),


For example, currently my Image source looks like this: source={Images[imageName]}
Then I can dump the entire images folder onto my ftp web site and change the app uri to:

 <Image style={styles.img} source={{uri: `${imageName}.jpg`}} />

and that works just fine and dandy.

But, when using firebase everything I am finding is assuming you want a user to take a photo or select a photo and upload it when all I want is to reference image files in cloud storage. It’s all very messy and unnecessarily complicated with functionality I don’t need.

Can someone point me in the direction of where I can find a simple example to just get images, after uploading them once, without using the app as the upload device.