Filesystem create folder in storage

Hi. I use latest Expo.

Whatsapp, Aliexpress, Vk, Telegram - can create folders and files in storage folder.

  1. How to create folder in root of the storage in expo? Is it possible?
    I need to create folder in /storage/emulated/0/MyApp - something like this. Any storage in phone.
    – FileSystem. makeDirectoryAsync(“file://storage/emulated/0/mycrap”) isnt writable
  2. How to ask READ/WRITE permissions?

I need a way to send some piece of data to Widget from my Expo App. Data is JSON or token for authorisation

Please help

Hey there~ I think the file system API would help in this scenario.

How it will help? I need some mini example. Filesystem in my example ^^^ isnt writable

As far as I know you cannot create directories there in a Managed app. You would have to eject.

But perhaps or would help?

See also:

Share can send file after user action
How send without any user actions?

You did not specify what platform you are writing for, but from your first post it appears to be Android.

Would an Intent work?

I already try Intent. Intent opens only if User say “I wanna select this app”
Can Intent work in shadow in background? Without user action?

I’m not sure.

By the way, Is this an existing widget or are you writing it?

widget my

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