Facebook SDK out-of-date in managed app with Expo SDK33


Facebook has sent me the following warning that my Facebook SDK is out-of-date for apps that were built using managed Expo SDK 33.0.6. (New apps were built and published on the app and play store):

Your app Forj uses Facebook SDK for iOS v4.40.0. Please upgrade now to access new privacy features:

Delay Automatic Events

Pause sending events like App Install and App Launch until your app users consent.

Delay SDK Initialization

Block all network requests until your app users consent.

Upgrade Instructions

For Android: Please update the dynamic version of Facebook SDK in your build.gradle file: implementation ‘com.facebook.android:facebook-android-sdk:[5,6)’

For iOS: Please upgrade to the latest SDK version to access new privacy features.

It appears that this is an issue specifically with managed Expo apps (not ejected). Faceboook can not identify that the Facebook SDK inside the Expo app (after build) has been updated.

Thank you for your help!

Hi @jjt- this looks to be an open issue right now. If you feel comfortable, we’d always appreciate a PR!

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