Facebook Login doesnt work on Android

Facebook Login is not working on Android, with iOS Im having no problems. (No standalone apps)

const { type, token } = await Expo.Facebook.logInWithReadPermissionsAsync('myappid', {
      permissions: ['public_profile']

This fires following error:


Any ideas?

Hi! Sorry about that. Do you think you could share a minimal reproduction of this problem using Snack? It’ll be much easier to figure out what’s going wrong if I can try it myself. Thanks!


Well after hours trying to find the issue, the problem is basically related to the app permisions. I hope I can help some people in case anyone faces such an error.
According to the expo docs the behaviour by defaulf of logInWithReadPermissionsAsync is web .

But thats not completely right, since android uses the native app for the facebook login. That was basically the problem, the phone I was using had Facebook with an account ready on it.

What I did to solve it : Add the account as a tester in the Facebook Developers Dashboard.


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