Expokit project iOS :module appregistry is not a registered callable module

In our project, we add the “react-native-ble-plx” package, and config the Xcode as described in https://github.com/Polidea/react-native-ble-plx but after finishing the configurations, we build it and run on the simulator (iOS 11.2), it failed.

the environment as follows:

expo ski version :23
macos version:10.13.2
xcode version: 9.2
simulator version: iPhone 8 iOS 11.2

Has anyone solved this problem?

Do you have any more info on the errors? It’s hard to figure out the issue without code or more error logs or both.

we have an expo project ,and we need bluetooth feature. But you know, exp project is incompatible with the “react-native-ble-plx” package. So we detached the expo to exposit. Then we can configure the expokit as described in https://github.com/Polidea/react-native-ble-plx. But first error is “React/RCTBridgeModule.h’ is not found” as follows:

In order to solve this problem, we drag “node_modules/react-native/React/React.xcodeproj” to the xcode and compile it first. The build our project and the problem disappeared. But a new problem occurs as follows:
42 AM

Then we have to drag “node_modules/react-native/Libraries/WebSocket/RCTWebSocket.xcodeproj” again to solve the problem above.

At last, we build the project successfully and run it on iOS , but it failed as the title:

The expokit can run successfully both on iOS and android before importing the “react-native-ble-plx”. And after importing the “react-native-ble-plx”, it cann’t run on iOS but on android.

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