Expo v26 Android Build app error


I recently upgraded to v26 SDK and built the android and ios app with it. My ios app works fine but the android app shows splash and then throws an error.

There was an unhandled Error: Attempt to invoke virtual method 'java.lang.String java.lang.String.trim() on a null object reference

There is no stacktrace in the same.

My username: harshmaur
App Slug: 8om-trckr

Im having the same issue, tried in android simulator and on a android phone.

Update: The issue seems to be related to a react-native-svg plugin - I probably just have to do some fixes there

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Do let me know where exactly was the problem. It would be a great help!

I upgraded react-native-svg to 6.3.1 and it works now.


Yes it was as simple as that! Worked for me too

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