expo-speech in expo-task-manager (background) doesn't work

  1. expo --version: 4.13.0
  2. Platforms: Android/iOS
  3. Code:
    " …
    import * as TaskManager from ‘expo-task-manager’; //version 9.2.2
    import * as Speech from ‘expo-speech’; // version 9.2.0

    TaskManager.defineTask(LOCATION_TASK_NAME, async ({ data, error }) => {
    if (data && thingToSay) {

    const subscription = Location.startLocationUpdatesAsync(LOCATION_TASK_NAME, options);

Speech.speak works perfectly when the application is in the foreground but doesn’t work in the background.

Any ideas how to make it work?

If it is not possible, do you know any other TTS module (TextToSpeech) that works in the background with expo-manager?


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