Expo Push Notification Question

The SDK doesn’t support all types of background code execution (running code when the app is not foregrounded or the device is sleeping). We support background geolocation (including geofencing) and background fetch, but we do not yet support background audio with the operating-system playback controls and you cannot handle push notifications in the background. This is a work in progress.

What does “cannot handle push notifications in the background” mean? The device will be able to receive push notifications but tapping on the push notifications will not do anything (for eg: on tap of new release album push notification, open app and redirect to the new album page?)


Hey @paulcham,

What that means is you can’t handle updating your application’s data when the OS receives a push notification. For the example you mention however, that flow is entirely possible. You’ll just need to add a Notifications listener and check it’s origin to be sure it’s selected and then navigate accordingly.


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