expo project does not start on Android Emulator

Following the documentation, I did install expo-cli and android-studio on Windows10 64bit. created an emulator with Google API 27 android Oreo 8.1.
ANDROID_HOME and JAVA_HOME are in the system varibales with their bins in thepath

  • expo init awesomeProject chose experimental with native modules and tabbed theme.
  • cd awesomeProject and both yarn start and expo start will start the Expo Developer Tools on localhost:19002 with Metro Bundler on port 19001.
    the created Android Emulator is also open and running
  • either pressing a on the command line or run on android device/emulator in DevTools does nothing with no error. no project opens on the emulator
  • Devtools shows a toast success simulator ready, and terminal prints opening on Android device
  • closing the emulator shows expected errors that there is no device.

What is wrong with my env setup?

the only way I found so far is to install Expo app on my emulator (which I really did not want to login in an emulator with Google account) also login in the Expo, and choose tunnel in DevTools then choose from the apps generated in mt expo account.
is this the only way?

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