[expo-local-authentication] disable LA via function if user wants to disable?

Hi there,

I’m looking to use LA, but I want to be able to disable it in app and there doesn’t seem to be that option currently. Am I missing something?

It seems like one enables it and then it’s just always enabled.


can you elaborate on what you mean? this sounds like something you need to build into your own app, not something that the library provides, but maybe i’m misunderstanding. any screenshots or mockups could be helpful to clarify

expo-local-authentication allows you to use FaceID and TouchID (iOS) or the Biometric Prompt (Android) to authenticate the user with a face or fingerprint scan.

From the description of this, it seems like one would be able to use this package to use FaceID and TouchID to auth into the app. I’ve implemented this package within an app, but there is no way to disable it if the user decides to not use FaceID/TouchID anymore.

you can add a control to your app to let them decide if they want to use it or not, then either call or don’t call that function, right?

:expressionless: I guess I was tunnel-visioning on the package. Yeah, I guess I can do it that way. Thanks.

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haha it happens

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