expo linking.parse question

Hi, i am trying expo linking in my app and running into an issue. here is my code ;
React.useEffect(() => {
console.log(‘starting up’);
Linking.addEventListener(‘url’, handleOpenURL);

  }, []);
  handleOpenURL = (event) => { 
    let { path, queryParams } = Linking.parse(event);
    alert(`Linked to app with path: ${path} and data: ${JSON.stringify(queryParams)}`);

when i pass this link(just to test in expo, i will use different link for standalone app):

it give me error as follows:
error is really coming out in linking.parse…if i dont have that console.log event works and prints out the whole url. i am sure i am missing something basic here…can someone help please/
Invariant Violation: Invalid URL: should be a string. Was: [object Object]

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