Expo linking issue trying to open the email app

Hi everyone!

I’m having a issue when I try to use Linking.openURL to open the mail app on iOS

My code:

import * as Linking from "expo-linking"

onPress={() => Linking.openURL("mailto:support@support.com?subject=My subject&body=email body.")} >

On iOS when pressing the button shows me: Error: Unable to open URL

BUT if I change the url to a text that does not have spaces, it works.
For example:

onPress={() => Linking.openURL("mailto:support@support.com?subject=MySubject&body=emailBody.")} >

I don’t have this issue on Android devices, only on iOS.

Note: I need the texts with spaces (subject and body)

Some help?

Expo-linking version: “~4.0.1”
SDK Version: 48
Platforms: Android and iOS

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