Expo is undefined when trying to facebook login

componentDidMount(){ this.logIn().done(); }

async logIn() { try { const { type, token } = await Expo.Facebook.logInWithReadPermissionsAsync('

I’m I doing something wrong? import Expo doesn’t seems to work either.


Got it working.

I got to import Facebook and change that line of code to const { type, token } = await Facebook.logInWithRead

Not sure why in documention it got Expo prefix https://docs.expo.io/versions/v15.0.0/sdk/facebook.html

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@cjm_ling can you paste your whole code that includes the import statements?

I’m confused why importing Expo didn’t work for you and importing Facebook did.

Glad you got it working!

I realise much later that what possibly wrong I was doing when importing. All my mistake ( my knowledge of JS is not strong ).

Earlier I imported ImagePicker doing

import { ImagePicker } from 'expo'; as it was showed in the embed example codes. Later when I try to follow facebook example I get Expo undefined error I tried importing it too using this.

import { ImagePicker , Expo } from 'expo'; This doesn’t work so i tried.

import { ImagePicker , Facebook } from 'expo'; And it work.

Now I realise later about this ES6 module import thing , So It was suppose to be this without { }

import Expo from 'expo'; then Use Expo.ImagePicker or Expo.Facebook . Am I correct ?

Thanks , all my bad :cry:


Yep, the way you settled on is the best way I think. Glad its working for you!