expo-gl vs gl-react-expo

I am trying to implement something like an gl-react-color-blending for an image (render an image with with an image color blend).

That library says it needs to use gl-react-expo, however I see that expo-gl is already bundled. Is there compatibility between the two I could leverage? What was the idea behind expo-gl (since it was just created recently) compared to the community gl-react?

expo-gl is the latest and greatest.
I think there was gl-react for web, then EXGL for native. Later gl-react-native came out as a stand alone version of EXGL. After a while EXGL was turned into a standalone unimodule called expo-gl.
expo-gl has a bunch more features and WebGL 2.0 support.

Hi @chaffeqa,
The difference is that gl-react and gl-react-expo have an additional abstraction layer so you can use React components to compose WebGL shaders. The later is using WebGL bindings from Expo.
expo-gl provides only one React Native component - GLView, which is just a canvas that you can draw onto using WebGL API. gl-react-expo just wraps Expo’s API in a more reactive (and declarative) way and provides more components.

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