Expo Firebase Issues (mainly around Dynamic Links)

Hey Guys. I’ve been trying to implement Dynamic Links using expo-firebase-links, but it was impossible with the current state of things.
Initially I thought that I was doing something wrong, so I decided to give it a try w/o using Expo, and instead using directly https://rnfirebase.io/docs/v5.x.x/links/reference/links. So I created a new project from scratch and … it worked just fine!

So I’ve created this repository so you can replicate the issues I found:

The main problem I’m facing is that I’m not receiving the right url param when using:

const unsubscribe = firebase.links().onLink((url) => {
  // ...

Instead of receiving the String url, I’m getting a [Function link].

Another problem I’m facing is that I cannot use this at all:
As soon as I add that code, I’m getting this error:

Lastly, I found that I’ve to add ALL the “expo-firebase-x” modules to my package.json in order to make it work. I should be able to only use this for instance:
“expo-firebase-app”: “^2.0.0”,
“expo-firebase-links”: “^2.0.0”,

But as I said I’ve to add all the “expo-firebase-x” dependencies otherwise I get this type of errors:
Unable to resolve "expo-firebase-analytics" from "node_modules/expo-firebase-app/src/utils/getModuleInstance.js"

I hope that you can post a fix for those issue asap



Hey Elias,
I am facing the same issue with getInitialLink, which is essential in my case to track invite codes. Have you somehow solved it?

Same error here :C

did someone got this to work? atm i need a dynamic link to work as a invite link, but Expo seems to be on the tough side relating dynamic linking, and since i don’t have easy access to Xcode (neither knowledge) i don’t even know if this is possible anymore