Not sure if this is the right forum or not. (Appreciate any pointers to the right forum.)
Noticed while working on push notifications that there does not seem to be a C# (dotnet) version of the expo-server-sdk.

I have a partially completed version of the server sdk in C# that i’m happy to contribute. Any guidance on how to get it into a new project in the expo github, or better to just add it as a project on a different org?

I think this is perfect for Expo Community · GitHub

@bycedric may be able to help you out

Once this is completed, definitely add it to the docs !

Hi @glyph! Sounds awesome, if you want to contribute the C# SDK you can put everything in a repo and ping me. You can ping me here, or on the Expo Developers slack. I’m happy to help you further after that :smile:

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sounds great. The code is available here:

Let me know what needs to be done to get it into expo-community. I’ll do a PR on the docs once the repo gets to it’s ‘canonical’ location.


@bycedric lib is all set and PR is here: docs added expo-server-sdk-dotnet to list by glyphard · Pull Request #7379 · expo/expo · GitHub

Awesome! I’ll make some time available tomorrow night! Thanks for making it :smile:

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