Expo DocumentPicker to select .doc, .pdf files

From document picker I’m trying to get only documents like this .doc, .pdf, .docx

followed this expo documentation link

The MIME type of the documents that are available to be picked. Is also supports wildcards like image/* to choose any image. To allow any type of document you can use /. Defaults to /.

basing on this i tried “text/" and "doc/”. It allowing only text files like .text, .rtf
what mime type string i need to add to get only .doc, .docx, .pdf like this documents

got the the answer here for mime type.

I used like this "application/* " but it’s not allowing only .doc or .pdf files to select


It sounds like you want to be able to search for multiple mime types? Have you tried just passing in “application/msword,application/pdf”?

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