Expo + Deco IDE?

I am currently using the Deco IDE for React Native. I tried using the Expo XDE app for Mac to get it up and running with Deco, but it is not working. Is that support available? Should I be adding something to my project repo? Thanks

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hello! deco ide is not under active development anymore, since the company deco joined airbnb and aren’t working on the project there. we did build support for this at one time and were waiting for the next deco release to land it, but the next release never came - as you can see, the last commit to the repo was in november. deco ide is open source however so if you want to keep it going, you’re welcome to start contributing to it! :slight_smile: until active development on it resumes we can’t support integration with expo.

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ok, thanks! is there another ide I could use that supports expo and react native? thanks

i’d recommend using visual studio code with the react-native plugin! this is a nice post about it VSCode for React Native. An opinionated list of extensions to… | by Lorenzo S. | React Native Training | Medium