expo-av: NotAllowedError: the request is not allowed by the user agent

Right now I’m having some issues with the expo-av package in combination with the web version of Expo on a mobile phone. Whenver I test out my app on a browser (tested Safari & Chrome) on a phone device, it throws this error:

I’ve done some googling and from what I understoor this error is a general error thrown when a sound is playing without a user interaction preceeding it. However I also get this error screen when I put it solely on a button press, which to me seems like the most obvious user interaction to play a sound.

Is there something I’m doing wrong? Is there a way to ask permission in a phone browser or? It works fine when I test the web version in a browser or when I’m not using expo web but expo ios to run the app. It only happens in a phone browser.

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