Expo app freezing (no push or gesture is recognized)

Hi all,

I got a strange behavior: sometimes my Expo is freezing, no push or gesture is recognized.
Even I cannot click on the expo icon on the right bottom corner in simulator. like there is a
hidden layer on the app.

CMD + D for the react menu is working and there I can click reload, but this change nothing.
I need to close the whole expo app and restart it.

Has someone an idea what happend? sometimes I have it all 5 minutes then it is ok for an hour.


Hi Ben-
This is in the iOS simulator? (Assuming because you are mentioning Cmd +D) Is there a pattern to the projects you’re opening when this happens? Anything else that seems to trigger the freezing?

Hi ccheever,

thanks for your answer.

Yes mainly on the simulator, but I have it on my device too (I’m using the device not much at the moment)
At the moment I cannot find a “trigger” for this, I had it for example that I close the app restart it and cannot
click after the restart, so I need to restart it twice to work.

Hmmm ok. Let us know if you get a reliable repro and we can take a look.