"exp build:ios" aborting

No problems building an APK, but Expo times out when I attempt to build the equivalent IPA:

command: exp build:ios -c

I enter the push notification cert P12, mobile provisioning profile, distribution certificate filenames and all passwords.
The build commences as expected.
I get the “Waiting for build to complete.” message.

and then…
Timeout reached! Project is taking longer than expected to finish building, aborting wait…

My build logs look fine until…
Error: codesign ident not present in find-identity: <>
Looking for identities matching <>
0 valid identities found

More information @:

Hi @expo2orcadia

You are using an old version of expo-cli, you need to update it (npm -g i expo-cli). exp command name changed, so after the update, you need to use it as expo or expo-cli

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