Example Backend Push Notification

I see that the documentation is pretty clear for receiving push notifications from a backend. I was able to set up receiving push notification for my React Native app and I tested it using the Expo push notification tool (and everything worked as expected).

However, my company’s backend is written in the C language and I notice there are SDKs written for PHP, Python, Node.js, Go (but no C).

I am a bit stuck now and lost on how to go about this.

What approach can I take from here? Looking for advice

You could try and see if no one else made a (public) backend written in C. If that is not the case, why not write it yourself? You could get all logic from the other already written libraries and just write it in C. It would be really valuable for the whole community, and yourself!

I do my backend in c#, it works very well.
I started with this github example and added a comment to it with a problem I found


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