Evaluating Expo to our company, trying to figure out if it is the right tool, help needed.

I am tring to figure out if Expo is thre right tool for our company.

We have a code that is written in Google Colab with heavy communication to Google Earth Engine.
We would like to take the output of this code (in our case an HTML map like GEE MAP) and display it in mobile app or on the web.
What I am trying to figure out if there is some example for an app that was devloped in Expo that contains some map based elements like GEEMAP, or google maps.
And If I can use the Snack tool to check this app or develop it from the web browser without installing anything locally.
Any help would be great :slight_smile:

Hi @overg123

In order to display HTML in a React Native mobile app you would need to use a WebView. A WebView basically displays a web page in a rectangle in your app. Like an IFRAME.

There’s a very simple example here. Click on “Open in Snack”: