Error: Another item is being shared -- expo-sharing

SDK Version:38
Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): iOS
expo-sharing: 8.2.1

I am using the Sharing.shareAsync method to share a local pdf. Upon dismissing the sharing dialog on iOS and then attempting shareAsync again, my app is getting this error response: [Error: Another item is being shared. Await the shareAsync request and then share the item again.]

const onShare = async () => {
        await Sharing.shareAsync(localUri)
            .catch((err) => console.log('Sharing::error', err))

Has anyone else encountered this issue?

Hey @scott_clair, could you create a Snack that I could run to test this on my end? As well, can you let me know what type of iPhone and iOS version you are testing with?


Thanks Adam. I have seen the issue on an iPhone XR and an iPhone 11 Simulator both on iOS 14. I have created the snack, but it doesn’t reproduce the issue. Not sure what complications I could be adding in my code as it is very close to the snack.

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