.env variables and app.json for multiple web targets.


I’m using GitHub - luggit/react-native-config: Bring some 12 factor love to your mobile apps! in an ExpoKit project. My project has two different targets which allows me to create two different apps using the same code base.

Using .env variables, I can theme my app according to each target. I’m doing this because our company has two different business units and I wanted to give each their own app.

I can pick up the .env.{biz1|biz2}.{dev|staging|prod} just fine. The appropriate theme gets applied, API endpoints are targeting correctly etc.

What doesn’t work yet is my web version. I have a PWA version of the app which I used in the event our clients can’t install the native version, or we use it for testing and new features. I’d like to be able to deploy two different web versions. Ideally using two separate app.json (./biz1-app.json, ./biz2-app.json).

How can I pickup these .env and app.json files to publish two different web versions?

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