Editing images in Expo

I’ve been using Expo’s ImagePicker.launchCameraAsync to take photos and crop them before saving. But now I have written my own camera component in the same app and would like to connect the image cropping part with my camera component. Is it possible to get only the image editor part from launchCameraAsync? There is launchImageLibrary but that requires a step of picking an image. What I would like is, I take a picture from my camera component and the result uri I pass to one of Expo’s API which launches the image editor with that image. Is that possible?

Hey @sisdk,

I think the ImageManipulator API may be the best solution for what you want.




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Hi @adamjnav,
The problem with ImageManipulator is that it doesn’t include the crop UI. Only APIs behind the UI. It would be great if there was some way to get the UI too.

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