EAS Build - weird Android Firestore issue

I have an managed Android and iOS app that uses Firebase Auth and Firestore.

When using Expo Go, my app works perfectly (connects with Firestore on both Android and iOS).

I used EAS build and release my app on Android and iOS. The iOS version works perfectly (connects to Firestore). The Android version seems to work with Firebase Auth (I can sign in) but NOT with Firestore (“Network request failed”).

Unfortunately, I can’t see any logging because these are real builds and I only see the “Network request failed” error because I pass that to my UI.

Honestly, I have no idea where to investigate further… please share any ideas!

I found the source of the issue - a fetch() was failing in my production Android builds. Still not sure why the same fetch() works when using npx expo start (simulator AND physical phone), but I fixed an issue with try/catch to prevent a hard failure (which I should have had all along).

In case it helps anyone else, I found it super helpful to add an https firebase function I can call from my client code when I catch major errors in my production builds. The function simply takes a message and to logs it in the functions/gcloud console.

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