Eas build is very unstable for production

Been trying to build my app using eas. Followed everything to the letter.

The app works on android, but it crashes on iOS after showing splash screen for about a second.

No errors are being logged in sentry.

Even when I used the ad-hoc process, it’s the same thing.

Experiencing the same issue.

App crashes on startup

Hi @10000multiplier and @vrinch

Have you tried the things mentioned in the documentation?

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you can also run expo run:ios or expo run:android locally to debug whatever issue you are encountering. this will run expo prebuild to generate your android/ios directories and then compile them on your machine, so it requires that you have xcode or the android sdk installed. this is useful if you are running into an issue that you are having trouble debugging in a production build. you can undo the side effects of prebuild when you’re done debugging: fyi/prebuild-cleanup.md at master · expo/fyi · GitHub

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Hi @wodin, @brents,

It was related to the Xcode 13 signing issue.

Everything’s been running great now.

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