EAS Build & EAS Update / Automatic versioning & changeling


I’m looking for a solution for a week now but can’t find any so I’m landing here.

I want to implement something like (GitHub - semantic-release/semantic-release: 📦🚀 Fully automated version management and package publishing) or Changesets (GitHub - changesets/changesets: 🦋 A way to manage your versioning and changelogs with a focus on monorepos).

Tbh, doesn’t matter which solution is the best : my goal is to manage automatically my app version & my changelogs.
We are doing a loooot of OTA updates (they are triggered automatically when we push code in our develop & release branches) and sometimes, some builds, that we need to trigger manually (and updating the values in our app config file manually too).

Did one of you have already implemented something to manage this workflow ? I looked all over the Internet but can’t find anyone that did something like this …
For builds, I can imagine how it can work but for OTAs, I’m completely stuck …

That would be amazing to have some help,

Have a good evening,