Dynamic bundle IDs not working with EAS: mismatched bundle IDs

Hi all, I’m trying to use dynamic bundle IDs to separate dev and prod builds. However I get the following error in EAS when building the dev build (example bundle IDs):

There seems to be a mismatch between your provided `export_method` in gym

and the selected provisioning profiles. You passed the following options:


Bundle identifier:  com.company.app

  Profile name:       *[expo] dev.com.company.app AdHoc <SOME NUMBER>

Profile type:       ad-hoc

Make sure to either change the `export_method` passed from your Fastfile or CLI

or select the correct provisioning profiles by updating your Xcode project

or passing the profiles to use by using match or manually via the `export_options` hash

Earlier in the build, I see the following:

Detected provisioning profile mapping: {:"dev.com.company.app"=>"<SOME ID>", :"com.company.app"=>"*[expo] dev.com.app AdHoc <SOME NUMBER>"}

I’m not sure what this means, but it appears to somehow be associating my prod ID with an ad hoc profile for my dev bundle ID (prepended with .dev).

I have both a .env with EXPO_PUBLIC_BUILD_VARIANT='prod' and a .env.development with EXPO_PUBLIC_BUILD_VARIANT='dev', as well as env variable set in eas.json with the same keys and values. I did this because to make sure that both EAS and local builds have the right build variant env vars.

Is there something wrong with my configs, or might there be something up with EAS caching?

Other details:

  • Managed workflow
  • eas-cli/5.2.0

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