Does the servePersonalizedAds property delay AdMob initialization process?

SDK Version: 38
Platforms: all

In the expo-ads-admob module there is a servePersonalizedAds property which controls whether or not the ads served are personalized or not. Pull request #5323 states that:

I have manually tested that setting servePersonalizedAds property removes npa argument from request, and not setting this setting or setting it to false ads npa=1 request argument.

By removing the npa argument is the AdMob initialization process delayed? So as to conform to GDPR norms as stated in under the Delay app measurement section. If not, shouldn’t this issue be fixed so that the module is GDPR compliant?

Hey @redseb, let me bring this up internally and I’ll circle back with you here when I know more.


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Hi @adamjnav, any updates?


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