Document Props - No props documented for Icons, (or anything else)

I’m trying to determine all the available props on Expo’s icons.

I know you can use, for example Ant Design icons by importing as needed, but it’s unclear what the <AntDesign name='setting' size={32} color="white" /> icon actually takes as props.

The only reason I know the above works is going by the example in the docs, but AFAIK there is nowhere else that this is documented.

Can someone give me a hand here?

Also, I’d suggest the documentation as a whole be updated to reflect that like React Native’s own documentation, something many other RN libraries have followed suit with, and specify the props for each component explicitly.

Otherwise, we just guess until there’s no error, ask on forums or Stackoverflow or just give up and use something that’s documented.

I understand this is supposed to follow react-native-vector-icons, but that’s only lightly suggested in the documentation and while they state the props specifically, it’s not stated on Expo’s site.

Hey @methodbox,

I agree that it would be helpful to have the props listed in our docs. We are always open to a PR if you have time. If not, I’ll add it to the to-do list for our docs.



I can put in a PR for it later today. Always happy to contribute.

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