Document picker not working with publish iOS app

I am using DocumentPicker API to upload files. It works well with the Android application, both with the expo client and with published applications. But for some reason it doesn’t work with the iOS platform.
in the simulator it works fine, in iphone 8 or older it does not work, configure the iCloud and add a container, according to the expo documentation.
I am using sdk v36.0.0

Hey @appsura, could you elaborate on what you mean by “it does not work”? Also, I see you mentioned it, but can you clarify that you did in fact create an iCloud Container and enabled iCloud Services for the project?


Hi @adamjnav , I mean on iPhone 8 onwards it won’t open icloud, enable icloud on apple developers page, create container in icloud, use “usesIcloudStorage”: true on ios, revoke the existing provisioning profile, and still I have problems in iPhone 8, is it a problem with the sdk?