Do I need to preload JSON data in Expo

Does having assets in your app mean your app will rely on internet connection when you build and deploy with expo?
My app is using JSON data, and images, and I don’t want users to need internet connection to use it, but after releasing it doesn’t load up without internet connection and sometimes even crashes. I am using es6 imports to read the JSON in assets and set Redux state.

Hi, we don’t support first-load-offline for assets right now (though we are working on it), but you can cache assets after the first load and they’ll be available offline in subsequent loads.

Thanks @ben.

Does same thing happen with JSON? Is it advisable to place in the assets folder as well? I didn’t see anything specific to it in the docs.

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I think what you can do is to export your json like this.
const json = {...}
export default json

Now you can import this as import json from './json.js'

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