Development Builds - runtimeVersion not enforcing native and js match with expo start

When working with a development build and running metro, should Expo be enforcing that the build’s runtimeVersion matches the runtimeVersion set in app.config.ts when expo start is run? (Note that I’m not talking about EAS updates).

I figured it would, the docs say:

To enforce an API contract between the JavaScript and native layers of your app, you should set the runtimeVersion value in the app config. Each build you make will have this value embedded and will only load bundles with the same runtimeVersion, in both development and production.

But when I try it it doesn’t seem to have any effect.

For context, we’re trying to use EAS to build all of our developmentClient: true builds for simulator/on device local dev, and I was hoping there would be a proactive signal to let my devs know they have to update the native build they’ve got installed locally after they’ve pulled the JS changes / runtimeVersion bump (beyond the app crashing because they pulled down JS that requires the native changes).

I’m on Expo 49.0.3.