Deep Links not working for Android

Please provide the following:

  1. SDK Version: 44
  2. Platforms: Android

Having issues with deep links on Android, IOS seems to work just fine.

Config for Android:

    autoVerify: true,
    action: 'VIEW',
    data: [
        scheme: 'https',
        host: '',
        scheme: 'http',
        host: '',
    category: ['BROWSABLE', 'DEFAULT'],

I have tried configuring with autoVerify: true so that the links will be auto verified and the app will open up right away (with dev client + simulators and physical devices with Android versions above 6), this unfortunately isn’t the case.

Turning off autoVerify doesn’t show the popup giving me the option to choose to open on browser or the app as well.

I can see that the configs work at least partially since I’m able to manually allow links to be opened by the app in app settings (check screenshot below). Once I enable this manually the app opens up just fine but this isn’t what I’m trying to achieve here.

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