Debugging the AnimatedViews's PanResponder ) snack console shows phx-ios-4. what is this?

Hi, I’m a react-native newbie

I’ve found that Using Animated APi with { useNativeDriver : true } makes a good performance in JS thread because native UI thread would take care of all animated processes. so I’ve attempted to apply this feature in Animated.View which acts like a button.

example code :

if you check the full source code, it works. the methods of panResponder would show console message.( you can see it LOGS Tab in the page. ) but when I tried below, the UI is blocked for a little time and works again and it shows thie message :
phx-ios-4: capture [object Object]

  • could you give me some hint about this message?
  • actually the github code with expo start LAN access is even not working in a real device. when I pressing the button, all UIs just stop. nothing can be captured on the UI. what makes the difference between debugging in Snack and the Expo app?

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